Made at the State of Play and Gamecraft 2017 game jam for the theme 'Give and Take', PHASECAGE is game of moody electro vibes where you maintain balance between two types of electric charge to stay alive.

Thanks to Gamecraft and everyone who voted for us on the day; we were delighted to come in second amidst some really awesome games!

How to Play

Stop your blue charge from overloading by waiting in metallic fields.

Stop your yellow charge from dying by collecting charge orbs.

Use the mouse and up/w key to move around.


Game Design: Andrew Hynes, Marie L. Dragontown and Dónall O' Donoghue.

Game Development: Andrew Hynes.

SFX: Marie L. Dragontown and Dónall O' Donoghue.

Purple Theme Music: Dónall O' Donoghue.

Red Theme Music: Marie L. Dragontown.

Dev. Note: The game's a little... crashy... right now, hoping to fix it soon. :)


PHASECAGE Linux.zip 37 MB
PHASECAGE Mac.app.zip 37 MB
PHASECASE Windows.zip 35 MB