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(Apologies for no WebGL build, it causes the procedural music to fall out of sync.)


A/D: Move left and right.

W: Charge jump.

I/O/P: Change your shape!

Welcome to the prototype of 'Adapt', a 2D physics platformer! You will transform between a circle, square and triangle, using the physical properties of each to quickly react to challenges and hazards.

Avoid the spikes while bursting the bubbles and knocking over the block towers. The circle can't burst any bubbles, since it has no corners, and the square is the only thing heavy enough to knock over the blocks!

Triangle: Light and bouncy, flies high!

Circle: Fast and smooth, rolls far!

Square: Heavy, breaks things!

This was a short class project that I enjoyed making enough to want to make it properly when I have the chance. If you have any feedback regarding this short prototype, I'd love to hear it at achynes@gmail.com,


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